Get the copy & messaging you need fast

Instead of biding your time, buy my time.

VIP Copywriting Sessions are the best way to get the copy you need in record time. Instead of the typical month-long turnaround with larger projects, I can get your copy written in a matter of hours.

Not sure how much time you need? Here are some estimates:

In a half day, I can...

  • Punch up a long-form sales page for higher conversions
  • Fully edit 2-4 pages of copy for deeper connection with your readers

Investment: $697

In a full day, I can...

  • Write 2-4 full pages of web copy from scratch
  • Rework multiple pages on your website
  • Review & revamp 5-7 emails for maximum impact

Investment: $1197

Book your VIP Copywriting Session

Tell me about your project, and I'll send you my private calendar to reserve your spot.




Kelly Ockeloen,

"It was a relief to know that I could tell you what I wanted, and what I thought I wanted, and you GOT ME. You were able to put in words what I couldn't."

Susan James,

"Even though I'm a writer (former journalist) I was too close to the subject -- me --to craft the right message. [...]
I hired Jessie for a 6 hour live copywriting session, and by the end of the day had brand new, tailor-made copy for my new website home page, including the tricky About Me section and Opt-in material."

Andrei Montfort,

"I did the live copywriting session with Jessie and she accomplished more than I imagined in the 6 hours. She worked fast and was very organized and came up with such fantastic content for my website. I feel confident now that my website is now ready to really be seen and used by my clients."


"How can you write so fast?"

The traditional copywriting process requires a lot of back-and-forth emails, careful revisions, and painstaking typo checks. In our VIP Sessions, I'm focused on one thing: delivering highly effective copy, written in your voice.

Plus, I'll send you a detailed questionnaire ahead of time. This ensures that when the writing begins, we can hit the ground running.

What to expect

At the beginning, we'll hop on a short call to review your goals and what you're looking for. Then, we're off. I'll write on my own, then check in with you periodically to review the copy and make sure everything is looking good.

Warning: Nothing is precious when the copy scalpel comes out. If you prefer to play it safe, this might not be for you.

I'm here to fix what's not working and craft copy that hits home with your readers. After all, you have to make waves to take names.

Still not sure how much time you should book?

Tell me about your project—I'll be happy to give you a custom estimate.