Editing & copy coaching for when
your writes feel wrong

Remember when you thought the first draft was the hard part?

But now, after re-reading your document for the fourth (well, fifth) time, you know the devil's in the details.

Will my intro grab their attention?

Am I actually funny or is this cringey?

Is this email going to get people to click?

How is there ANOTHER typo?

We rarely talk about how stressful the revision process can be

Maybe you’ve experienced that late-night surrender when you have to hit the "publish" button—because you're trying to get consistent, damn it—even when you still don't love what you've written.

Or worse, when you have to send your work off to a client (because deadlines 😫), but you know your writing could be so much better.

But quantity and quality don't have to be opposites

When you're pressed for time and the words aren't flowing, you might wonder how on earth your favorite creators manage to write so much with nary a typo in sight.

But here's a secret-that's-not-really-a-secret:

Those writers who produce great writing over and over again?

They don't go it alone.

"I'll just send this off to my editor"

- You, subtle-bragging to your clients/friends/mom after hiring me

I'm Jessie. I’m a copywriter-turned-editor, here to help you create the best writing of your career.

I got my start writing content for brands like Gore-Tex and Time Warner Cable in one of the largest ad agencies in the Southwest. I went on to work as a marketing manager at a tech company before launching myself as a freelance copywriter.

And today, I get to put those experiences to use serving my favorite community: freelancers and business owners who love to write great words (and hate to edit them).


After writing hundreds of these myself,
I now specialize in editing...

Blog articles


Website &
sales pages

Social posts & ads

(And similar documents)

And I work with...

Business owners who want to raise their content game and attract a loyal audience

Freelance writers who are ready to offer their clients a premium service

In-house copywriters & marketers who need a second pair of eyes from someone who gets it

But it's far more than just comments in a Word doc

My goal is for you to grow as a writer and business person. We'll work closely to ensure you're getting not only the feedback you need on today's document but also the insights to help you produce even better work in the future.

Every month, you'll get:

  • A premium editing service based on your selected word volume
  • Documents returned to you within 3 business days—and often within 24 hours
  • A monthly 30-minute coaching call with me, where you'll get feedback on your top areas for improvement and personal guidance on any upcoming projects
  • Unlimited chat access via Voxer—a text & voice message app we'll use to stay in touch (and where you can send me writing/marketing questions whenever you want)

How much editing do you need?

Up to 2,000 words/month

(Plus a 3-day turnaround, coaching, and Voxer access)


Up to 5,000 words/month

(Plus a 3-day turnaround, coaching, and Voxer access)


(Don't worry—you can break up your monthly word count into as many separate submissions as you like)

Get started

Answer a few questions about your business, and I'll send you a link to my calendar for an obligation-free consultation. I only work with individuals I know I can serve well, so this is our chance to get to know each other.


What does editing include?

Editing is a general term with multiple meanings, so let's get a bit more technical. These edits include:

Substantive edits

This is the big-picture perspective. I'll restructure the piece as needed to ensure your message carries through. Then, you’ll get comments that highlight what’s working, what’s not, and any additions that could make the piece more effective.

Mechanical edits

This is the zoomed-in perspective. I’ll rework any awkward sentences or wording so your piece reads smoothly—all while preserving your natural writing voice. Then I’ll do a close typo review for any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.


All edits are made with the Track Changes feature on so you can clearly see the changes I recommend.

This service does not include:

  • Writing from scratch or significant rewriting—the goal is to polish each piece and give you the feedback you need to grow as a writer
  • Deep fact checking—I'll call out things that sound funky, but you are responsible for what you choose to publish

This deep level of editing ensures each piece you write is effective, natural, and ready for readers


“To say I was impressed with her performance would be an understatement. Not only did she produce stellar work, but what impressed me even more was her rock-solid reliability and extraordinary courtesy, attention to detail, and communication throughout the project. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”

- Melissa Balkon, Strong Design


"Jessie is a rare find. Not only is she a strategic thinker and talented writer, but she's also professional, organized, and 100% reliable."

- Shaina Rozen, Sidetone

"I loved working with Jessie. Not only is she an excellent copywriter, but she's also very business savvy. Looking forward to working with Jessie on future projects. Highly recommended!"

- Angelina Cepareanu

“Jessie is the Michelangelo of content marketing. She’s a master wordsmith adept at crafting concepts into evergreen masterpieces. If you want the best, you’ve found her.”

- Janssen Manno, LaneTerralever


Love your writing process again

Have confidence in your work, get more writing done, and go enjoy the rest of your day already.