Targeted copywriting guidance for when your writes feel wrong

Raise your hand if you spend the majority of your writing time clicking over to Facebook, getting up for a snack, cleaning the house… anything to cope with the frustration of trying to put something on the page.

Now raise your hand again if you literally raised your hand just now, because your body is obviously telling you you need a good stretch. #selfcare

Copywriting is tough. Maybe you’ve felt the dread when a project that was supposed to take a few days ends up stretching on for months. Or that knot in your stomach when you do finally hit that “publish” button, but you know it could be so much better.

When you sit down to write and it feels like nothing good comes out, it’s hard to stay motivated.

But you’re no quitter. That’s why you’re here. You’ve got a business to grow, and those words ain’t gonna write themselves.

Hey, I'm Jessie

I’m a copywriter-turned-coach, here to help you conquer the blank page. I help business owners learn how to write their own dang copy so they can show up authentically, attract their ideal clients, and build more profitable businesses.

I got my start writing for brands like Gore-Tex and Time Warner Cable in one of the largest ad agencies in the Southwest. Today, I get to serve my favorite community: regular folks like you and me who are taking their future in their own hands and building a business online.

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Calling all go-getters

I seriously love my clients. The people who usually hire me are driven business owners and marketers who want to write for themselves instead of leaving the words to someone else—but when they sit down to actually do it, it feels like nothing comes out right.

Maybe you have a million creative ideas bubbling up all at once that you aren’t sure how to rein in. Great! I can give you a clear structure to sharpen your message, without cramping your style.

Or maybe you feel like there’s not a creative bone in your body. Don’t worry! Copywriting is as much science as it is an art. I’ll teach you the guidelines and formulas to write copy that captures your ideal clients’ imaginations and moves them to take action.


Don’t let a little thing like “I’m not sure what to say” hold you back

Your words are already inside you. I’ll help you bring them out, then shape them so you can reach your business goals—whether you’re out to start a movement or simply move the needle on your profit report.

Here's how we can work together...

1 |  Writer's Block Breakthrough Session

Not sure what to write in that darn text box?

Or, want a professional review of some copy you're working on?

Nab a Breakthrough Session. For 60 minutes, you'll get targeted feedback and training to help your copy take shape.

  • If you're starting from scratch, I'll help you flesh out an outline and give you the foundational training you need to write an effective sales page, about page, email sequence, or [insert your copy project here].

  • If you're already writing and your words are soundin' funky, I'll take my red pen and show you exactly what to change, and how, to make sure your message hits home.

And of course, you'll receive the session recording afterward so you can refer to your private training whenever you need a refresher.

Investment: $197/session

2 |  Web Copy Upgrade

So, you finally wrote your website. But for some reason, it sounds... off.

Is it the words? The structure? The images? You can't tell. But you do know that it's not converting readers into excited prospects.

Let's fix that. With a Web Copy Upgrade, you'll get specific recomendations to take your website from DIY to client-ready in just two value-packed sessions.

3 |  Done-for-you Website Copy

Are you an established business about to go through a website redesign, refresh, or pivot?

I take on a limited number of clients who need expert writing services. Please contact me directly to see if we're a good fit.


"It was a relief to know that I could tell you what I wanted, and what I thought I wanted, and you GOT ME. You were able to put in words what I couldn't."

- Kelly Ockeloen,