Get the clarity & copy you need to show up like a pro, dominate your space—and even raise your rates

There are three ways I can help:

1. Brand Clarity Intensive

The problem: You know what you do, and you know you’re damn good at it. But you’re not sure how to put those skills into words that make people fall at your feet, throwing cash in your general direction.

The solution: You need capital-C Clarity.

In this 3-hour intensive, we’ll uncover the mechanics of what makes you stand apart from others in your space. Then, we’ll take a fine-toothed comb to your packages to bring them into alignment at that perfect intersection between what your clients need and how you like to work—so you can finally charge those premium rates.


2. The Two-Week Website

Get on-brand website copy that’s ready to convert—without the endless back-and-forth emails and impractical timeline. In just two weeks, you’ll have everything you need to move forward with your website, no stressing required.

You get: Words, wireframes, and brand strategy to go from zero to 100 in under 14 days

Without any: Headaches, bottlenecks, wasted time, or fluff

Includes Brand Clarity Intensive


3. Live Copy Revamp

Don’t want to wait for my next opening? Instead of biding your time, buy my time.

For one hour (or more!), get my full attention on your website copy. I can rework a specific section during that time, or I can analyze your website as a whole and give you specific changes to make to improve your conversions.


Psst—Want my eyes on other content, like course copy, blog articles, or emails?
Check out my services at Copykin Editing Co.

What clients are saying about my work:


“I knew I needed to take the next step in my own business and move toward my goal of reaching my target market. My struggle was moving from the “in between” area. I didn’t know where to start or how to move forward, especially with my own marketing, as I am too critical.

Jessie helped write my content for my new website, but also helped me understand WHY we were going that direction. I would recommend Jessie to any freelancer or organization that is looking for quality.”



"It was a relief to know that I could tell you what I wanted, and what I thought I wanted, and you GOT ME. You were able to put in words what I couldn't."



"She worked fast and was very organized and came up with such fantastic content for my website. I feel confident now that my website is now ready to really be seen and used by my clients."