7 Reasons Why No One’s Buying Your Service Packages from Your Website

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So you’ve put together your website. You’ve listed out how people can hire you. You’re trying to build your business…

But months (or years!) in, you’re still fighting for every sale.

Let’s fix that.

Your website can be a powerful sales tool. But if your packages aren’t selling well, you can’t just sit around waiting for a breakthrough. It’s time to do some troubleshooting.

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Reason #1 why no one’s buying: Your package sales page is too confusing

You might be great at bringing in traffic. But all those people are landing on your site, and they don’t know what to buy or how to work with you.

You need to make sure your page is extremely clear about three things:

  1. How will this benefit them? (What’s the transformation they’ll experience?)
  2. What’s included in the package?
  3. What happens after they sign up? (Be clear about what happens after they click the “Buy” or “Contact” button!)

I highly recommend packaging your services as “productized services.” This means you create ready-to-go packages that have specific deliverables. People can buy them off your site the same way them might buy a product. And although the work you do is custom, you’ll have standardized processes, the price is the same, and your clients know exactly what they’re going to get.

It’s the difference between saying “Hire me to design your website” and “Buy the complete website design package.”

And of course, give it a great name! (Here’s my free package naming guide–no email required.)

Reason #2: You didn’t test it

I once made the mistake of spending hours—days—putting together a big package with a sales page, follow-up emails, a complete list of processes… only for it not to sell.

Why? I didn’t check to see if this was something people actually wanted.

If you’ve been working with clients for a while, you’ll have a good idea of what they’re asking for. But if not, you need to do some research. Here’s how:

First, scroll through forums and Facebook groups where your clients are. Pay attention to the problems they’re having and what they’re asking for.

Then, put together a small, simple offer for $99-500. This should be one session, one deliverable, or one piece of a large deliverable.

Then start promoting it. See how people respond. If you start selling it easily, you’ll know you’re onto something—and you can build out a more complete offering from there.

Reason #3: You’re offering too many services

You want traction? You need to get known for something.

Instead of dreaming up new things you could offer, focus on homing in on the services and packages that are already performing well.

(Don’t have anything that’s performing well? Go back to #2!)

People need to know what to refer you for. Make it easy on them by specializing.

Reason #4: Your packages seem the same as everyone else’s

What makes yours better?

This is about differentiating. There are plenty of ways to differentiate. Here are a few common ones:

  • Price (I recommend working on being more expensive, rather than cheaper, than others in your field)
  • How fast you deliver
  • How deep you go
  • How custom the solution is or how closely they work with you
  • Your brand (This is one EVERY service provider should focus on)

Reason #5: There’s no incentive to buy

If it’s just sitting there on your site and they can buy any time, it’s easy for people to think “Eh, maybe next month, next year…”

(And then they never come back!)

If you’re doing everything else well, you might consider adding some scarcity into the mix. For your bread-and-butter services that you actually do offer all the time, you could try one of these two techniques:

  1. Build a waitlist—Have the CTA be “join the waitlist” or let people know that you’re “Now accepting clients for [month in the future]”
  2. State how many spots you have left. “I have space for 3 more clients this quarter. I’d love to make you one of them!”

Reason #6: You’re not promoting it

Oof. I know this one hits uncomfortably close to home for some of you.

You KNOW that this isn’t a “build it and they will come” situation. But you’ve been sitting on your butt, stalling and waffling.

No more of that. You need to get moving and actively start building awareness around your offerings.

That means:

  • Telling your friends and family. It doesn’t have to be sales-y! Make a list of people you know, and send an email that tells them what you’re doing, states who you want to help, and asks them if they know anyone who you should get in touch with.
  • Building relationships in person and online. In Facebook groups and online communities, get known for delivering value in your area of expertise. At networking and community events, do the same. Give freely, and those who have breakthroughs will trust you enough to buy from you themselves or send referrals your way.
  • Building an email list. Again, value first. Give them free education and training. That’ll earn you the right to share a bit about your services every now and then.

Reason #7: You’re selling too much


When you’re not getting clients, you can fall into the trap of “Just sell something! Sell! Sell! Sell!”

But that reeks of desperation.

Instead, you need to adopt a value-first mindset. You’re just here to serve. You have this expertise, this experience, and it can help people.

And the more people you help, the more people will be willing to trust you.

If you need a hard number, I’d say for every 1 email that you’re promoting a product, you need at least 2 that are purely for delivering value. Preferably 3, 5, or much more. And that applies to everything else: Blog posts. Networking conversations. Social media.

Selling your packages isn’t easy. But I know you can do it. And as always, comment below if there’s any way I can support you.

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