video of the difference between a landing page and a homepage

What’s the Difference between a Landing Page and a Homepage?

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Reality check:

If your ads aren’t directing to landing pages, you’re wasting your money.

Here’s the thing: Google ad copy isn’t enough to sell a prospect on whatever you’re selling. That sweater you sell that glows in the dark and keep you warm even in Antarctica is pretty amazing, but 25 characters are never enough to really convince someone it’s worth their money.

This is where landing pages come in.

What are landing pages?

Website goldmines. Kind of. That’s a generalization and a wild hyperbolization. But believe me, these pages are important. When making ads, you can’t just direct to a homepage or even a product page. You’ve gotta throw in a landing page as the monkey in the middle to warm up those prospects.

Need more details on the difference between a landing page and a homepage? I love you so much that I made a whole video on this very topic. Check it out:

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