Personal Update: The Next Content Experiment Begins

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Some smart cookies have called out the fact that, uh… my blog’s been a little quiet these days ?

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I’m usually all about dropping that marketing know-how left, right, and center.

But to be real with you—

Between the cooped-up-ness and the threat of catching a potentially deadly illness from the grocery store…

(And the fact that I made the tough decision to close my membership program in May)…

I’ve been searching for a new project. And I’ve found one.

Which is all to say, *surprise!* ? I’m making videos on YouTube!

Now, I’ve done content marketing experiments before (like when I tried to write on Medium every day for a month). This time though, there’s a much longer timeline because YouTube is a long-term growth platform. And my content niche is… pretty different from my usual fare:

I’ve been making videos about costume making, DIY tutorials, and some personal nonsense. They involve lots of jokes, dog photos, and even cameos from my husband. My most recent ones are about how to make a leather holster for a drinking horn and dyeing my hair silver.

To me, making these videos feels a bit like that first sip of coffee on a groggy morning.

I hope you have something that makes you feel like that, too.

? Now, am I still writing about marketing, writing, etc?

Of course! That’s half the point of this experiment. I’m keeping careful note of everything I learn about video marketing strategy so I can share it with you here. I’m testing out some Instagram marketing techniques, too, so expect an ongoing report of what’s working for me and others.

But for now, if you’d like to follow along on the ground level, you can watch (and mayhaps even subscribe to?) my highly entertaining videos on the ‘Tube:

And while my articles may be less frequent, you can get weekly updates on what’s working marketing-wise if you join my email newsletter (below!)

See you there,


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