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Updated January 17, 2018

Living in Arizona, we don't get much of a winter. So believe my anguish when I tell you that I'm wearing shorts right now.

I just want some freakin' rain. A breeze. Something.

Biz-wise, I've just released my first-ever email course on adding some personality sparkles to your website (get it free here!), and I'm gearing up to release another first:

A complete copywriting and brand strategy package for creative entrepreneurs.

Say whaaat? It's 2018, baby. Time to roll out the big guns.

In other news, I'm also:

  • Brushing up on my college Japanese. My motivations may or may not include the fact that Japan's Starbucks offers exclusive cherry blossom frappuccinos in the spring and I really, really want one.
  • Doing kettlebell swings a few times a week, because Tim Ferriss told me to.
  • Working on concept art for a video game my husband's building with his parents.

This "Now" page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

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