Naming Your Business: How to Brainstorm a Killer Business Name

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You guys, I won’t sugarcoat this: Finding the right business name is SO. HARD.

Maybe it’s just me, but the multiple times I’ve done it have involved a lot of missteps. I’ve come up with some pretty weird business name ideas over the years.

Lucky for you, though, I’ve gotten better at it. I’ve even created a whole process for brainstorming and deciding on a winning name.

Here’s the video breakdown on my business naming process and how I settled on “Copykin Editing Co.”

Note from future Jessie: Copykin no longer exists. Bummer, dude. But the advice is still 100% valid, so you should probably watch it anyway:




Don’t have time for all the details? Want to just READ something? I’ve pulled out a few key highlights below.

Highlight #1 — Do you even NEED a business name?

Plot twist: Maybe not. If you’re a freelancer, you’re probably good with just your given name. Using a business name when you don’t need it might add confusion.

The exceptions? If you have a really common name, a really hard to spell name, or plans to build your business into a multiple-person venture (such as an agency).

Highlight #2 — Start by brainstorming words related to your business

Start with the obvious stuff. When I was naming Copykin, these were words like “writing,” “pen,” “ink,” “scribe,” etc.

Then, move onto the conceptual stuff. What angle are you going for? What makes your business different?

One route I went down was the idea of copywriters and copy editors being kind of like family. I brainstormed words like “group,” “kin,” “clan,” “tribe,” etc.

Go nuts with the brainstorming, and you’ll have lots of words to play with when it comes to trying out combinations.

Highlight #3 — Try

You type in a word, it spits back a bunch of available domains that include that word. Great for brainstorming ideas and checking availability at the same time.

Highlight #4 — Don’t fall in love before you check availability

It’s like falling in love with someone wearing a wedding ring. Awful idea.

Create a huge list of potentials, then try them all out at Namecheckr. You put in your business name idea, and the website checks if the domain and social media handles are available.

Tip: If it costs more than $30 to buy the domain or you’ll have to really butcher the name to get an available social media handle, it ain’t worth it. Trust in your creative abilities and keep brainstorming.

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  1. Really helpful post. The business name is more important than you think. It’s your first impression on the Internet. It tells your new followers and sets the tone for what to expect from your end. At the same time, it lets them know if they want to see what you have to say or ignore your presence within a few seconds.

  2. Great video! The “impossibility” site you linked, however, definitely forwards to a site that was, eh, not exactly on topic? (or safe for work!) So unless someone is looking for inspiration for naming a porn site, you may want to remove that one. 🙂

    1. Post

      Yikes! Thank you for the heads-up, Brandon. Things certainly seem to have changed since I made this video. I’ve updated the blog post to warn future readers 🙂

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