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My New Favorite Personality Test

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I think I just found my (new) favorite personality test for finding what on earth to do with your precious time on this planet.

And believe me, I have a lot to compare it to.

I’ve taken the tests. The Myers-Briggs. The Enneagram. The DISC Assessment, the Big Five, and the fancy ones you get when you work an office job and they want you to get along with your peers.

And in every one, I’ve gone waaaaay too deep.

But my new favorite personality test is free. It’s also just a little life-changing if you pay attention to it.

The test is the Sparketype Assessment, by Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project. And here’s why it’s badass.

A little test to help you find meaning

What I love about it is that it’s not really a personality test, per se—it’s a test to help you identify what lights you up and puts you into flow. To find out what your brain naturally does, so you can do more of it in both your work and your personal life.

Here’s what made it stand out to me, though:

I first took this test in 2018. I got my results, thought “huh,” and then went on with my life. It seemed like it was too simple, and I wasn’t sure I believed it.

Fast-forward to a few days ago, when I was listening to Jonathan Fields (the creator) on a podcast. He was describing the 10 Sparketypes, and I heard two results that sounded like me. I thought I’d go back to check out the test again. And along the way, I found the results from 2018 still in my email archives. The results? Exactly the two types I’d just pegged myself as.

The accuracy impressed me. It’s rare to have a personality test where I feel without a doubt that I am a certain type. Let’s be real—part of the obsession with personality tests (at least, ones where you’re a specific “type”) comes from the endless research you have to do because two or more types sound like they fit. I just need to find someone to tell me who I am, dammit!

But beyond its accuracy, I was impressed by Sparketypes themselves. It was something I hadn’t actually read too closely the first time around. The test spits out a primary type, a secondary (or “shadow”) type, and an anti-type—that is, the type that you’re least like. And knowing these types is seriously helpful when you’re considering a career change, trying to make your current job better, or just trying to figure out something fulfilling to do with your time.

For example: ✨My Sparketype✨

My Primary Sparketype is the “Essentialist”—basically, someone who’s nuts about organizing and simplifying things. Spreadsheets, calendars, spaces, ideas, that sort of thing. Which explains why spending hours updating my personal financial spreadsheets can make me forget to eat lunch.

My Shadow Sparketype is the “Sage”—someone who gets fulfillment out of parading around as a more enlightened being teaching people things.

The problem is that Sages like to teach even when they don’t know shit. Cue 8-year-old Jessie playing teacher by making a folded-paper “textbook” full of math problems for my younger siblings to complete. (This… was not their favorite game.)

Now, your Sparketype does not tell you exactly what job you should have. Jonathan Fields is pretty clear that this isn’t meant to blow up your current life. Rather, it can help you identify work you’re already doing that puts you in flow, so you can shift your work to spend more time in that zone of genius.

For example, I’m employed as a copywriter/content writer. The parts I love? Planning content, organizing website copy, keeping projects moving forward, outlining pieces… Bonus points if the content is educational in some way.

And the parts I hate? Any time someone needs some “creative writing.” It takes me SO LONG to come up with a catchy opener. (Hence why I favor boring blog post titles…)

Can I do it? Sure. But my brain naturally thinks in bullet points. Maybe you’ll just get a list of those next time ?

So if this non-sponsored commercial has piqued your interest, go take the test. Find out what kind of activities your brain wants more of. Once you get the results, you might want to go deeper—try searching for Jonathan Fields in your favorite podcast app (I listened to his interview on Creative Pep Talk), or even buy the book. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll be ordering it soon!

Happy personality-ing.

Hey-lo from Jessie

I know it’s been a hot minute since I had a chance to write to you. I have a good excuse though: We just placed an offer on a new house, and by some miracle in this ridiculous housing market, it was accepted! It’s been a whirlwind of preparations and paperwork. (My Essentialist brain has been absolutely giddy playing tetris with the packing process.)

I look forward to sharing more when I can. ‘Til then, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

– Jessie

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