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My Favorite Privacy Policy Generator: Iubenda

Psst—This article includes affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission. I only promote products I use personally and believe in whole-heartedly.

Have you ever wondered what on earth you’re supposed to write in your website’s privacy policy?

Or maybe you’ve heard of GDPR—and it’s been sitting in the back of your mind for the past two years?

Well, friends: On my website right now, you might have noticed one of those annoying little cookie popups in the corner:

Yeah, not my favorite thing either. But! It’s important!

These babies started popping up everywhere across the internet a year or two ago. I’m admittedly a bit behind on the times (oops), but I’m showing my faults because I know a lot of you fellow criminals business owners are behind on the times too.

So, what is that thing?

It’s a required feature according to GDPR. GDPR is a set of data regulations that applies to the EU. So if your website is accessible to people from Europe (which, it is), you need to follow GDPR protocols.

GDPR is all about managing data properly, and ensuring your web visitors have control over their own data. But I’ll tell you now: It’s a NIGHTMARE to sift through all the details of GDPR if you’re not a lawyer. And I’m sure actual lawyers hate it too.

And just so you know, I’m not a lawyer in any sense of the word. (See that disclaimer?)

A laywer, probably.

So I was SUPER excited to discover Iubenda, a simple GDPR solution. Yes, that’s an affiliate link, but I actually started writing this before I even knew they had an affiliate program. It’s that good. But I’m putting it here because that little link gives you 10% off your first year!

They have a simple tool that lets you select all the kinds of data collection you might use (Email marketing forms? Facebook tracking pixel?), and it auto-generates a privacy policy for you to embed on your site (try clicking mine in the footer!).

They also have a cookie pop-up that’s super easy to install that helps you follow GDPR easily.

All for $9 a month. (Or $99 a year, which gives you a free month!)

Plus with that 10% off your first year you get when you use my link, it’s only $89.10. That’s wicked cheap to have some peace of mind around one of the most confusing laws ever.

If you have a bigger company, they also have more complete offerings for data management that allow you to keep track of exactly when and how a user gave consent, so you can defend yourself in a court of law.

I’ve been stressing about GDPR for ages. And although you still have to pay attention to a few other things to make sure you’re compliant (like the language you use on your opt-in forms), this takes care of what I consider the most complicated part in one fell swoop.

Hope it’s as useful for you as it is for me <3

👉 Get 10% off your first year of iubenda here.

Feature photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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