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...So you can build a super-engaged email list of your biggest fans, and sell whatever you want on command


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I know—working on your own business is the hardest part of the job

Sure, you can help your clients move mountains. But moving your own business forward? That’s next-level tough.

Especially when it comes to writing the content that’ll help you build your authority and attract your tribe.

I hear it from a lot of online service providers:

“I have great ideas in the shower. But when I sit down to actually write, I’m like, does this even make sense? It’s overwhelming.”

Writing is such a hard thing to hand off. I can’t imagine anyone else having my voice.”

I keep starting and stopping my email list.

“I want to reach people with impactful content—without adding to the noise of the online world.

“When I sit down to write something, I’m too busy trying to find the perfect phrasing and words. So I just avoid it.

I mean, they don’t teach you this stuff in school

Writing a 5-paragraph essay? Sure.

Writing a fun, personality-filled sales email that doesn’t sound sleazy? Um, I don’t think that was covered.

If you’ve been struggling to write your marketing content, you’re not alone. Every coach or service provider who’s ever dreamed of of launching a course, impacting an audience of thousands, or just having a consistent stream of clients? They've gone through the struggle of not knowing what to write about.

But guess what? They learned.

Every successful online business owner who’s attracted a loyal audience learned how to write for their business.

...And so can you.

Because at the end of the day, great businesses are built through great communication. And when you’re marketing yourself online, that means it's time to learn the finer points of copywriting.


Copywriting is the key to succeeding online

How do I know? Because I’ve seen it—in my own business, and in my clients’ businesses.

When I started freelancing in 2015, I had some decent writing skills. I had been working at an advertising agency, writing for big-wig brands with strict language requirements.

But when I struck out on my own, I had no idea how to translate those big-brand marketing skills into a personal, non-corporate-sounding business. (You should have seen my first website!)

As a result, my online marketing efforts fell flat. I was only able to get clients through referrals (a slow process). And although I dreamed of helping hundreds or even thousands of people, I struggled to grow my email list.

It wasn’t until I put my head down to really learn copywriting — not just piecemeal marketing tactics — that the pieces fell into place.

I started writing regular blog posts and getting them ranked in search results. I learned how to write engaging copy—for my website, and for clients. And I watched my email list start to grow.

Today, my list grows automatically

...And every article I write goes out to an audience of nearly 3,000 followers and subscribers.

But the best part?  When I have a free client spot I need to fill, I can book myself out with just a few emails.

That’s not to brag. That’s just the power of learning how to write for your audience.

Unfortunately, not every business owner learns these skills. SO many people who want to build a following and have a bigger impact never get there. They spend hours and hours every week trying to market themselves and their businesses... but their efforts fall flat. And eventually, they give up on their dream.

I really, really don’t want that for you.

Especially when it’s possible to create highly effective content for your business in just a few hours a week.

Introducing: The Cowriting Club

The writing mentorship for freelancers, coaches & consultants—to help you write your content and copy with total confidence

Writing alone? Boring. Hard. A recipe for watching more cat videos.

But when you have a community writing alongside you, and personalized guidance? The whole experience changes.

The Cowriting Club balances copywriting training, feedback, and accountability to help you create effective copy and content. Because at the end of the day, your authentic words are the most powerful tool you have to grow your business.


Create your copy & content fearlessly

Write faster

No more struggling with empty text boxes. Fast writing is more than a skill—it’s a system. You'll learn how to finish a full draft in one sitting, and never stare into space wondering what to say again.

Get "over-the-shoulder" feedback

Receive personalized feedback and guidance on your writing, so you can make fast improvement—and publish each piece with confidence.

Close the sale before they even reach out

Tired of awkward sales calls? Learn how to write copy that sells for you—so you can attract new buyers without endless cold emails.

Hit publish like a professional

The most successful online marketers make publishing new content a non-negotiable. If building an audience through your content is a priority, this is the place for you.

“I knew I needed to take the next step in my own business and move toward my goal of reaching my target market. My struggle was moving from the “in between” area. I didn’t know where to start or how to move forward, especially with my own marketing, as I am too critical.

Jessie helped write my content for my new website, but also helped me understand WHY we were going that direction. Her process was seamless and more of a learning process then a quick production job.

I would recommend Jessie to any freelancer or organization that is looking for quality. Her coaching experience came across organized and very easy to understand and made it very easy for me to take the next steps I needed for my business.


Zachary Colman
Founder, Creatitive

Everything you need to start writing emails, blogs, social posts & website copy like a pro

Monthly masterclass

Join the monthly Zoom call for live, in-depth training on the writing and marketing skills every business owner needs

Behind-the-scenes training

Take a peek backstage in my own business, and see learn to adapt professional-level marketing systems for online business owners like you and me

Exclusive community

Business is better with people who "get it." Get access to the private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to meet and mingle with other go-getter business owners

Answers when you need them

Got copy or marketing questions? Bring it to the monthly live Q&A—or just pop it in the Facebook group to hear what's working for other service providers

And, where the real magic happens:

Cowriting Sessions

Have you ever noticed how you’re somehow 10x more productive working in a coffee shop or coworking space?

That’s what a Cowriting Session is like.

Twice a month, we meet for a live, 2-hour writing sprint. We'll gather on a Zoom video call, set our goals for the session, and charge forward.

This is your time to:

Get your writing tasks DONE
Whether you're writing social posts or working on your about page, now's your chance to finally get it off your to-do list—right alongside your new business buddies. Helloooo, accountability.

Get support & feedback
Stuck happens. If you hit a wall or feel like the words are coming out all wrong, just raise your hand and we'll workshop your doc live.

See editing in action
Not ready to share your own work? No worries—you’ll learn SO much from hearing the feedback on your fellow business owners’ content!


Learn a new writing skill every month

From basic marketing to advanced copywriting, you'll get the tools you need to start writing with confidence in our live calls


And psst—
Take a peek at the upcoming masterclasses:


How to Write Personality-Filled Emails

  • The 3 different types of emails, and how to use them
  • How to write with personality even if you feel like your business is snooze-town
  • What actually makes an email fun to read
  • How to get people to open the dang thing

Plus, you’ll get…

A “swipe file” of my actual top-performing emails to inspire your own


How to Write Blog Posts That Get Attention

  • How to design a distribution plan that gets your article in front of thousands of readers
  • My secret to turning 500 words into 1000 words—or more
  • Quick'n'dirty search engine optimization (that still gets results)
  • How to write headlines that get clicks

    Plus, you'll get...

    A behind-the-scenes training on how to create and manage a professional content calendar


    The About Page That Sells

    • How to tell your story without making it #awkward
    • How to use your about page to SELL, not just inform
    • How to structure your about page, from A to Z (with variations)
    • How to write compelling opt-in copy to get visitors onto your email list

    Plus, you'll get...

    My step-by-step "About Page Blueprint" to help you write a high-performing about page in record time

    And it doesn't stop there! Other monthly masterclass topics include secrets to persuasive copywriting, social media strategy, how to write a compelling package page, and a heck of a lot more.

    Plus, enroll now to receive extra support to kickstart your writing progress

    BONUS #1:
    30-Minute Private Coaching Session with Jessie
    (a $100 value)

    In this power-packed session, we’ll talk through your marketing plan, the challenges you’re facing, and what you should be focusing on right now. This is your time, so bring your toughest questions! At the end, you’ll walk away with a personal game plan to help you nail your writing goals.

    BONUS #2:
    Additional "Uncover Your Key Messaging" Live Workshop
    (a $97 value)

    To celebrate the launch of this new community, we'll hold an additional training at the end of March. This masterclass is based on the discovery process I do with my own clients, and it's truly my secret weapon for writing high-impact copy.


    Learn the writing skills that will carry your business to the next level

    In the future, this membership will be offered at $127/month or more. But today, as a thank you for being a Founding Member in this new community, I’d like to welcome you at just $87/month—locked in for as long as you’re a member.

    But this offer is only good until 6pm on Wednesday, February 19th. Once doors close, it’ll never be offered at this price again.

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    Your zero-risk guarantee

    I only teach what I know works. If you put in the work, you’re going to make huge strides. But if this community isn’t what you expected, no hard feelings. Just ask for a refund via email within 20 days of your first month. After that period, you can cancel your membership at any time and never be charged again.

    Your monthly membership includes...

    • A new masterclass training every month, where you'll learn the key writing and marketing skills every audience builder needs

    • Live Cowriting Sessions, where you can get direct feedback and guidance on your writing

    • Monthly live Q&A with Jessie on any writing or marketing challenge you’d like input on

    • Behind-the-scenes tours of my own writing processes, marketing systems, and favorite tools

    • Access to the Cowriting Club Facebook group, where you’ll meet a community of other smart business owners who understand the joys and struggles of building a business online


    • 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with Jessie, valued at $100

    • "Uncover Your Key Messaging" Live Workshop, valued at $97

    Working one-on-one with me, the cowriting sessions and masterclasses alone would cost over $1200 per month.

    But in The Cowriting Club, you get regular writing support PLUS both bonuses (valued at $197) for just $87 a month

    Start writing with confidence

    As a Founding Member of The Cowriting Club, you’ll be locked in at the lowest price ever offered, for as long as you remain a member.

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    Just one more thing...

    Imagine this time next year—
    Where will you be?

    Will you be talking to a following of hundreds of people, or even thousands?

    Or will you still feel stuck, taking one-on-one clients as they come, and wondering when it’ll finally be your year?

    I’ll be up front with you. Committing to writing your own copy & content is not a walk in the park. It takes time, and practice, and there’s a learning curve. That’s why so few people do it.

    But every business owner who you follow today, every business owner who you admire for their amazing trainings, articles, and even podcasts—they learned how to build an audience through their writing.

    And so can you.

    If you want to have a greater impact, and to create a business that gives you more flexibility… then it’s time to start building your audience. With your own, authentic voice.

    Level up your skills with professional feedback

    "Jessie highlighted important blockages to making sales and getting signups on my site that I just couldn't see. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is struggling to get their website to work for their business, whatever your goals are!"
    - Eryn Johnson

    "I loved working with Jessie. Not only she is an excellent copywriter, but she's also very business savvy. Highly recommended!"
    - Angelina Cepareanu

    “Jessie Lewis is the Michelangelo of content marketing. She’s a master wordsmith adept at crafting concepts into evergreen masterpieces. If you want the best, you’ve found her.”
    - Janssen Manno

    “Jessie’s understanding of my ICA [Ideal Customer Avatar] along with my needs made working together seamless, efficient and enjoyable. Her knowledge of writing copy is superb and she is a wonderful soul to work with.”
    - Tina Mavadia

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    Once doors close, it’ll never be offered at this Founding Members price again.

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