11 Ways to Add Personality & Flair to Your Copy

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The people who have the greatest success online aren’t those who just follow the formulas.

They aren’t those who check the boxes and call it a day.

No. The people we fall in love with, the blogs we always return to, the Instagram posts that we love to see—they all have one thing in common:

They show up with their authentic personality.

But trying to write with personality can stir up some serious fears.

“Will they think I’m unprofessional?”

“I’m too boring.”

“My business isn’t really suited to ‘fun’ writing.”

Luckily, personality isn’t about being “bubbly,” or “fun,” or trying to be anything you’re not. It’s about bringing your real self to the table and giving yourself the freedom to sound like a human.

Because people buy from humans, not from boring websites.

So if you’re naturally bubbly and fun, great! If you’re not—also great!

This week’s training is going to teach you specific ways to start expressing yourself in different ways. Some will fit you, others won’t. But give them a try and see how they feel. As you get comfortable using these different techniques, you’ll be able to write in a way that’s much more engaging and true to you.

How to Add Flair & Personality to Your Copy

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11 Ways to Write with Personality

  1. Use gifs, emojis, and images, in a way that fits your brand
  2. Write like you talk – bad grammar and all
  3. Have fun with text formatting: Write in all caps, bold, italics, and underlining
  4. Exaggerate
  5. Start sentences with “and” and “but” (make your grammar teacher cry!)
  6. Use parentheses for commentary
  7. Use an imaginary scenario or environment to set a theme for your writing (or just inspire engaging one-liners)
  8. Use sound effects
  9. Insert op culture references
  10. Before writing, read some articles written by someone you want to sound like
  11. Write it boring, then go back and add in the entertaining bits

Where to ramp up personality

  • Website top-level pages
  • Nurture emails
  • Social media
  • Microcopy

Where to tone down the personality

  • Sales pages & package pages (especially in the value proposition)
  • Cart-close email sequence
  • Shorter format social media

What to consider before publishing


1. Is the copy offensive to your reader?

Specifically, your reader. If you’re writing good stuff, it’ll likely be offensive to someone. That’s fine! But make sure you’re not alienating the people you’re here to serve.

2. Have someone read it

Your partner. A business friend. A copywriter (psst—did you know I do copy reviews?)

3. Does it make YOU smile?

If you can entertain yourself at least, chances are you’re on the right path.

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