Hey, new friend!

I'm Jessie. I'm a marketer-turned-maker, here to teach you how to build a following around what you love.

Hey, new friend!

I'm Jessie. I'm a marketer-turned-maker, here to teach you how to build a following around what you love.

Now, in spite of that baby face, I’ve been around long enough to have done Some Stuff™.

Here are my creds:

  • I got my start working at one of the largest advertising agencies in the Southwest as a full-time writer for household-name brands

  • Since then, I’ve run marketing for an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, launched a copywriting business serving online entrepreneurs, and written hundreds of articles for a variety of companies & publications

  • In 2018, I ran a content experiment where I posted (almost) every day on Medium, became a “Top writer” in Medium's Business, Writing, and Entrepreneurship categories, and continued to grow an audience there of now over 2.3K readers

  • And in 2020, I began my newest content experiment—YouTube

But that’s a lotta life to be shoved into a few bullet points, so...

Here's the (more) complete story

As a kid, I was a bit of a nerd.

(I’m actually a little suspicious of anyone who claims they weren’t a total weirdo.)

My particular flavor of geekiness involved reading manga (Japanese comic books), drawing anime, and obsessing over offbeat fashion. I especially spent long hours gazing wistfully at photos of people in amazing cosplays, and wondered if I’d ever be brave enough to dress up in costumes of my favorite characters.

Back then, cosplay was still relatively fringe. And I was a scared little muffin who’d never even been to a comic-con. But that didn’t stop me from becoming that person in college who went all-out on the Halloween costumes.


(Why yes, I HAD just seen Edward Scissorhands that year)

But costumes no longer made sense in the world of business-casual

After getting an English degree with a double minor in biology and Japanese (indecisive as always), I started an exciting career at a super-sexy advertising agency. Think "Mad Men," with less sexism but roughly the same amount of booze.

I wrote social media and blog content for the kinds of clients that look really sparkly on a resume, spent some time as a marketing manager at a tech company, and eventually launched my own business as a copywriter (writing website content for businesses).

I was building a following. I was profitable. I felt like I was moving forward in the world.

And then... I burned out

It's terrifying to think you're doing everything right, only to wake up completely drained at the thought of continuing down the path you've so carefully laid.

So I did the only thing I could: I took a break.

And during that break, idle hands turned into typing fingers. Writing for clients was exhausting, but writing for myself felt like breathing. I slipped back into doing something that always brought me joy—creating content for my own readers (that's you!).

It was at this time that I ran my first content experiment, writing every day for Medium.

Of course, this newfound energy had me thinking I was ready to get back to work. I took the next client who came my way.

And not long after, I got a minor case of shingles. (You ever get the feeling your body's trying to tell you something?)

I tried to listen. I stopped writing for clients and became a copywriting coach, teaching people how to write for their own businesses. And everything was golden—for a while. I even launched a writing mentorship program to start training my clients in a more structured way.

But when COVID-19 hit, my newly-launched group started losing members. And when I felt the symptoms of burnout creeping up again, I knew it was time to switch gears. For real this time.

In May 2020, I closed the group.

And in that quiet space, a little inner voice piped up:

Hey, let’s make some costumes.

Which brings us to today


Since that moment (which if you've been paying attention, really wasn't long ago), I’ve been living and breathing costumes.

I'm currently neck-deep in piles of fabric, and I’m documenting each cosplay and sewing project for an impossibly-tiny-but-growing YouTube following (check out the videos here!).

To me, making costume videos isn't all that different from writing. It's all content, and it's all an experiment in carving out my own corner of the internet.

And of course, I’m continuing to share all the video marketing and online business lessons I learn as I work to make this content experiment profitable—writing my findings here on this blog, and in my behind-the-scenes emails.

Make sure you don't miss a single one:

Fun factoids

Location: Arizona, USA

Strengths: making vegetables taste delicious, winning debates about word definitions, turning anything you say into a show tune

Weaknesses: late night snacks, video games, overthinking everything

Companions: husband (Rick), good dog (Kylo), bad cat (Thane)