Greetings, fellow explorer

I’m Jessie. I’m a word person, a marketer who hates marketing (I’d rather be real with folks), and a serial dabbler. I'm here to share what I’ve learned in my years orbiting the interwebs.

I’ve been writing on this here blog since ye olde 2015.

I have written no bestselling books nor garnered any wide acclaim... but I have published over 200 articles on both this site and for various clients and publications. Several of these articles have reached the first page of Google.

So that’s pretty cool.

I also run a little newsletter where I share the lessons I've learned throughout my 6-year career as a content marketer, copywriter, and online creator. You can join that here.

My work focuses on two things: Creating for the internet and living intentionally

...And how those two practices both overlap and conflict.

In my writing and videos, you’ll often find me grappling with topics like:

  • How to use the internet to create a fulfilling, sustainable career
  • How to start making content when you’re scared of putting yourself out there
  • Is there such thing as ethical marketing?
  • How to live a life with more meaning, and less fluff

You can find some of my more popular pieces on my Resources page.

Other topics you'll run into here

My personal interests often find their way into my content. You might occasionally hear me talking about:

Especially solo travel. My husband enjoys joining me for the occasional trip, but I love giving into the random urges to wander whenever they come. I’m currently in the process of turning my Kia Soul into a mini camper van!

Costumes & DIY
I love making and wearing costumes, whether it’s for Halloween, Comic-Con, or LARP events. I’ve made a few videos about my projects—check out the playlist here.

Racism, human rights violations, fascism, factory farming, a rapidly changing climate—we've been going along with a lot of sh*t that we shouldn't be. I believe in both personal responsibility and working together for positive change.

You might not know it at first glance— *shoves a pile of papers under the desk*

....But I consider myself a minimalist. Or maybe a minimalist in training. In accordance with my focus on intentional living, I pay close attention to consciously choosing my possessions, repurposing belongings before throwing them out, and rehoming them when they no longer serve.

I don't think everyone has to be a minimalist! But I have gained a lot of personal benefit and I love sharing tips.



Fun factoids

Home: The sunny American Southwest (though I’m always scheming to get to the forest)

Strengths: making vegetables taste delicious, winning debates about word definitions, associating anything you say with a show tune (which will then be stuck in my head for the next 17 days)

Weaknesses: late night snacks, video games, overthinking everything

Names you might hear about: Rick (the husband), Kylo (the good dog), Thane (the bad cat)