“I’m burning out again.”

My words hung in the air.

I thought I should feel embarrassed. I’d tried so many things. Surely this time should’ve been different.

But there wasn’t any embarrassment. Instead, all I felt was relief. Because I could finally admit that things weren't working.

Here's the story so far:

For 9 years, I’d worked hard to build a career as a marketing writer. I’d had the privilege of serving both huge brands and small businesses. I’d operated as both a business owner and an employee, chasing a career path I’d fallen into when I was barely out of my teen years.

All the meanwhile, I was spending my weekends drawing, sewing costumes, and constantly fiddling with my website.

My career was focused on being creative for others. But I craved being creative for myself.

In October 2021, it all came to a head. My latest job was feeling heavy. We were about to move to a new house. My husband was facing some serious knee problems, leaving him barely able to walk.

And a little blue test line showed that our tiny family was about to grow.

So I did the only thing that felt right: I quit. And in the ashes of that decision, I've begun to find something in me a bit deeper, a bit truer.

If we haven't met yet, welcome.
I'm Jessie.

I’m an artist, writer, and recovering marketer, currently on a journey of becoming myself. Inner child exploration and all that. (Idk, I'm working on it.)

I'm not sure where this will end, but so far, one thing has become exceedingly clear: I want to make the world a little bit more fantastical.

I've been keeping a blog since the early days. In it, you can find some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years—about work, creativity, making tough decisions, and human stuff like that.

And as for the lessons I'm currently learning, you can read my personal confessions on Instagram and in the emails to my amazing newsletter subscribers.

It’s lovely to have you here.

Just the facts

Home base: The sunny American Southwest (though I’m always scheming to get to the forest)

Strengths: making vegetables taste delicious, winning debates about word definitions, having 3 songs stuck in my head at any given time

Weaknesses: late night snacks, video games, overthinking everything

Supporting cast:
Rick (the husband)
Kylo (the good dog)
Thane (the bad cat)
And introducing... ✨Alien Blob!✨ (which I'm told will become a real-life human baby in June 2022)