Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Once upon a time, you launched your website with all the fanfare and excitement.

But maybe your budget was tight, your business was different from what it is today... and now, that site’s not making a great impression on all those would-be clients.

I know you’ve got some half-updated copy sitting in a draft somewhere. But if the words still aren't coming out right, it's time for a different approach.


Your website should be your best salesperson

Your website is supposed to be your hype man—getting your readers excited, turning doubters into wild fans, and directing customers straight to your inbox to work with you.

But instead of doing its job, your website's more like that bad employee who loses more sales than he brings in.

It’s time for a change.

Hi, I'm Jessie. I write websites that make your clients say "Yes!"


I’m in the business of killing boringness with a hatchet and creating copy that closes deals.

And in spite of that baby face, I've been around the block a few times. Here are my creds:

  • I got my start working at one of the largest ad agencies in the Southwest as a full-time writer for brands like Time Warner Cable and Gore-Tex.

  • After learning the ins and outs of promoting businesses online, I moved on to run marketing for an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company.

  • In my time, I’ve increased a SaaS company’s email open rates by 197% and grew their email list by 14% through highly targeted opt-in incentives.

  • I’ve also written hundreds of articles, with at least one that’s ranked 1st on Google for its designated keyword phrase.

  • And of course, I’ve written a truckload of web copy, helping businesses like yours spring onto the scene with the right words to win the hearts and make the sales.


These are the values by which I live & work


Showing your true colors, especially online, is never easy. I persevere to show up as my genuine self, to be transparent about who I am and how I work—and I challenge my clients to do the same.


Copywriting is my craft, and like any craft it requires regular maintenance and growth. Rather than leave my work product to chance and whim, I invest heavily in my own training so I can continue to produce effective copy that delivers real business results.


I see it as my duty to do as little harm as possible and leave this world better than I found it. In business, this means I work with integrity and promote only services and products I believe in. In my personal life, this means significantly reducing my consumption of meat and buying clothing only from sustainable and fair-wage companies


Starting in 2019, 5% of all profits will be donated to conservation and humanitarian organizations that are making a difference in our world. This is a business milestone I’m greatly looking forward to!

Personal update:

To allow time for some big personal projects, I am currently not accepting new copywriting clients. If you'd like to stay in the loop, be sure to subscribe!

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