Hey, I'm Jessie

I'm a marketer-turned-artist on a journey to ✨freeing my creativity✨—or something inspiring like that. (You can get the whole story on my about page.)

For years, I've been keeping a blog about the lessons I've learned. I used to write a lot about marketing and business. Now, I'm slowly shifting the focus to how I'm building a creative practice—and how you can, too.

People have told me they enjoy exploring the blog archives, and I hope you enjoy. Though I'll be honest, the jucier stuff is usually in my emails 👇👇👇


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Now, this is the part of the page where
I'm supposed to put my art portfolio

I mean, other artists put their portfolios on their homepage.

But I'm still too scared to do that. (Baby steps.)

So instead, you can look at my Instagram below. It's basically the same thing, but my brain doesn't know that yet.