Site not converting like you hoped?

Get step-by-step solutions to fix your pages and start winning new clients.

You’ve invested all this time, energy, and $$$ into getting a website for your business. Your analytics say you’re getting traffic, but no one seems to be buying anything or contacting you.

Where are your customers?

Why aren’t you selling anything?

Is it the colors? The text? The product?

Website blindness is real.

Staring at your site and tweaking things for hours does nothing but eat up your time. But imagine if someone just came in and told you exactly what you had to do to make your website perform the way you want it to?

That’s why I’m here. I’ll help you understand in plain terms what working on your site and what’s dragging you down.

What you do with that information is up to you.

How it works


Before any changes take place, I need to know the details, such as: What’s the main purpose of your site? What service or product do you sell? What marketing efforts are you currently using? Who are your customers?

I’ll send you an online questionnaire to gather up all of the vital information, including your primary conversion metric and how you’re tracking it (such as a subscriber thank-you page). I’ll also ask for read-only access to your Google Analytics to get a better understanding of how your visitors are interacting with your website.


I’ll dive into up to 6 pages of your site and begin to identify the lowest-hanging fruit. These will be actions you can take within a week to jumpstart your site’s performance.

Next, I’ll go deeper into your overall strategy. How do your pages work together to draw visitors down the purchase funnel? How are your marketing efforts lining up with your website’s experience?


When I’ve completed my research, I’ll send you an in-depth review of my findings in PDF form, along with specific steps you can take to fix the problems. You may also choose to add on a review video where I’ll walk through the findings page by page. This is ideal for team communication and for those who want more visual guidance.

Website Teardown Investment: $259

That includes…

A clear, page by page breakdown on how to improve your website’s conversion rate

A professional, non-biased perspective on your site’s effectiveness

The supporting reasoning for each suggestion so you can learn from the changes

Add-on Review Video: $60

Get my recommendations for each page delivered in an in-depth video. This is perfect for sharing with teams, or for those who learn better with personal, visual instruction.

Who is this person?

Hey, I’m Jessie. As a business owner myself, I know how important your website is to your business. Your survival is based on your clients, and you need a rock solid path to winning more of them.

A bit of my background—I’m a copywriter and strategist who focuses on helping freelancers and entrepreneurs create high-performing websites. Over the years, I’ve run the social media accounts of several national brands and written game-changing web copy for small businesses. I’ve served as the marketing manager at an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, and I’ve written hundreds of articles on topics ranging from marketing to mental health, screen printing, and the outdoors.

I’m here for business owners like you, and I’d love to help you make your website into your best sales tool.


Q: Are there any special requirements for the Website Teardown?

In order to get a good sense of your website’s performance, you’ll need Google Analytics enabled and at least one Goal set up (conversion tracking). This is most often done through a URL-based goal on a thank you page. It’s best if your Analytics and tracking has been collecting data for at least 2 months.

Q: What if my website has more than 6 pages?

Good! You probably have lots of information available to your visitors, which is crucial to “warming them up” before they reach out.

I’ve found that most of the time, it’s better to focus on your highest-traffic, most important pages rather than get caught in the weeds with anything beyond those heavy hitters. The changes you make on those pages change the site’s whole experience, which influences the performance of those secondary pages much more effectively. Limiting it to 6 pages also helps me keep the Website Teardown as affordable as possible!

Q: What if your optimization suggestions don’t work?

I take pride in my work and have confidence that my suggestions will lead to better conversion rates from your website. However, the internet is a fickle land, and sometimes things don’t work as expected. If this happens, I’d be happy to set up a time to do some further analysis with you. I say I’m here to help, and I mean it.

Turn your site into your #1 sales tool

Shoot me a message and we’ll take it from there