What I’m up to

Updated September 18, 2017

Right now, I’m spending 50% of my time writing copy for amazing freelancers and entrepreneurs (Psst, I’m open for work!) and 50% of my time spilling my guts and sharing everything I know with my newsletter subscribers. Join in using the form below!

I’m also:

  • Reading Blue Ocean Strategy, a fantastic business book on forgoing competitive markets and creating brand new opportunities.
  • Trying to keep two desk plants and a bonsai tree alive. Actually not sucking at it. Life is good.
  • Working on a new offering that involves messaging, conversions, and your website. We’ll have to leave it at that for now, but I’ll be sending updates to subscribers when it’s live!
  • Trying to eat plants with every meal, and practicing yoga every day to ensure I can keep doing my work for a long time to come. Loving the Youtube videos by Yoga with Adriene.


This “Now” page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

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