Put those words to work

Turn your site visitors into clients with professional copy that’s built to convert.

Your website is more than a series of empty text boxes. It’s a designated space for connecting with your potential clients, sharing your offerings, and winning them over. Whether you need help editing a personal bio or you need customer-focused messaging for a wide audience, I’m here to make your brand look good.

My promise to you

You’ll get…

Goal-focused writing that takes into account your brand, voice, and goals

Clean, high-quality copy that belongs to you

A communicative business buddy who always delivers on time

A round of revisions to make sure you’re 100% happy with the final product

How it works



In our first call, it’s all about the get-to-know you lovey-dovey stuff. Are we a good fit? You’ll share what your copywriting needs are and I’ll give you a ballpark estimate.

Not quite sure what you need? I might suggest a paid strategy session to nail down the details.

Once we have the specifics hammered out, I’ll follow up with a firm quote so you know exactly what you’ll get and how much you’ll pay for it. If it sounds good to you, I’ll send over a contract and invoice for 50% down. We’re ready to begin!



The writing process begins with a healthy dose of research to make sure the final product is accurate and informed. I may ask you for any existing style guidelines, analytics, or wireframes to supplement.

From there, I’ll outline the content so everything ties back to your customer’s motivators and your business goals.

Finally, I’ll deliver a first draft. Don’t worry, this isn’t high school. The first draft is actually a finished product that is ready for publishing, if you so choose.



Does the copy need some tweaks? After you’ve had a chance to review the first draft, we’ll hop on a call so you can give me your honest feedback (it’s okay–I can take it).

I’ll make any edits necessary and send you the revised version. Because of the effort in the first draft, it rarely takes more than one round of edits. When you’re satisfied, I’ll invoice your for the remaining payment and release the final documents.



Once the pages are up and the data starts pouring in, we’ll see what’s bringing home the bacon and what can still be pushed to further glory. If you wish, I can provide variants for A/B testing to ensure you’re always getting the best results possible.

Why hire me?

I’ve been in the copywriting game for a while now, during which time I’ve run the social media accounts of several national brands and written game-changing web copy for small businesses. I’ve served as the marketing manager at an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, and I’ve written hundreds of articles on topics ranging from marketing to mental health, screen printing, and the outdoors.

Today, I focus on freelancers and entrepreneurs. I want to help you communicate your offerings in a way that hits home with your target customers.

Let’s craft a website that converts.

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